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Real-Time Data Acquisition

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Cloud Based IoT Platform

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Application & API development for Real-Time Data Acquisition

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The Best software Services &
Real-Time Data Acquisition

We are committed to providing the best possible Energy and Environment intelligence technology to our customers. We create software that makes energy and environment data simple to acquire, understand and act upon so that you can save. Our software solutions are used by some of the leading companies in the world to save energy and meet environmental compliance.
Telemetry Systems and Technologies have completely Web based system capability of capturing and processing real time data from more than 1 million monitoring sites. The software is capable of reading any kind of data streams available following the Open Network Format and is capable of seamlessly running on all major browsers and mobile devices including smart phones and tablets.

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The Highest
Quality Services

Telemetry Systems and Technologies is providing best services to clients related to data transmission on CPCB, SPCB, client desktop.We have very strong technical team for data transmission on any server.

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What TST Clients Say

Organization are a specialized service provider to cater the requirements of various Industries like Paper, Cement, Steel, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers & Chemicals, Textiles, Metal & Mining, Food & Beverages, Water & Waste Water, Sewage Interceptor & Treatment, Tannery, Slaughter House, Petro-chemicals, OEMs & Contractors, Consultants, Smart City Projects, National Hydrology Project, Hydel Power, Irrigation Canal Discharge Monitoring, Water and Sewage treatment plants, Ground Water and River Monitoring and Government Tender Projects. We have adopted the theme of continuous improvement with a customer-focused approach.

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