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HydroQ+ Software

The software will show a Dashboard with summarized information on Total Stations, Stations that are Live, Stations with Alarms and Stations which are not sending data. Additionally, the status will be shown for each type of available and configured Category.

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TelePro Software

The system has the capability to show Line, Bar, Area, Wind Rose graphs by default. The graphs can be changed by the user on the browser window. The user can also view statistical information like min, max and avg of the viewed data.

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Camera Integration

The system also has the capability of viewing IP Cameras including PTZ functionality for Monitoring Stations that have cameras included. The IP Cameras can be viewed without the requirement of any plugin and can be viewed on Mobile Devices also.

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Camera Supply and Installation

Installation of surveillance system with industrial grade IP (Internet Protocol) cameras having PAN, Tilt Zoom (PTZ) with leased line real time connection for data streaming and transmission of the same.
The connectivity of the camera is to be provided to CPCB through the web portals on 24x7 basis.

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Camera connectivity

We are providing camera connectivity service to CPCB and SPCB. our software is approved by CPCB for Camera connectivity.we are transmitting camera live streaming data to CPCB with following features. Live streaming, Motion detection ,PTZ control (only for pan tilt security cameras) ,Zoom in/out, Auto focus Preset ,Camera will open without pug in. ,User can rotate camera from software.

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Remote Calibration

As per CPCB Guideline, We are providing remote calibration feature to client and CPCB for SOX, NOX, CO parameters with with calibration logs and Graph.
Following features are available in our remote calibration application.
Calibration Logs
Calibration Graph
comparision betbeen realtime data and calibration time data
Logs download facilities.

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